About Google Analytics

Los Rios Libraries

The Library uses Google Analytics to track user behavior in the Research Databases page and certain other library-related pages. Google Analytics helps us understand how people use these sites so we can assess their quality and make improvements.

The Library has implemented IP masking so that Google does not retain your IP address. In addition, we do not receive any personally identifiable information about you from Google. To understand what Google does with your information, read Google's privacy policy.

If you wish, you may opt out of Google Analytics tracking on these sites by clicking this button:

Note that opting out here will only work for a few library-related sites. To avoid being tracked elsewhere, you may install browser extensions such as Google's Opt-out Add-on or the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Privacy Badger.

Also be aware that OneSearch is hosted by EBSCO Industries, which has its own privacy policy. Other databases may be hosted by other vendors, who have their own privacy policies.